Full Moon Fortunes A Werewolf Horror Themed Slot Machine by Playtech

Full Moon Fortunes A Werewolf Horror Themed Slot Machine by Playtech

The horror story is one of the interesting stories that loved by many people. There are many interesting things happen to you. Well, you will find the werewolf. This werewolf is a kind of the story about the human changes becoming the wolf when the full moon. This story is used as the theme of the online slot game. One of the games that have this theme is the full moon fortunes a werewolf horror themed slot machine by Playtech.

Full Moon Fortunes A Werewolf Horror Themed Slot Machine by Playtech

This full moon fortune was created by one game company game. This provider is Ash gaming. This vendor Onlineslotqq188.com Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins makes this game perfectly. The graphic of this game is very amazing. Then, there are some great sounds you will find in this game so you will feel so satisfied because it adds the horror effect.

Full Moon Fortunes A Werewolf Horror Themed Slot Machine by Playtech

Full Moon Fortunes A Werewolf Horror Themed Slot Machine by Playtech

The theme of the full moon fortunes

The story of the game is started by a doctor named Doctor Blackwood. It gets the problem. He meets a mysterious one. This mysterious human fights the dr. Blackwood that can’t fight back. Finally, the doctor is beaten by the mysterious human. It makes the doctor becomes wild in a full moon. Exactly, the doctor becomes a werewolf.

The appearance of the full moon fortunes

Like have mentioned before, the full moon fortunes don’t have the detailed graphic. It is from the main background that is at the full moon fortunes. This game has the good background with night pictures where the sky is covered by the black cloud with the liar nuance that is so horror. The appearance of this game becoming more interesting because there are the old pictures symbols. It is also fun to play free at Onlineslotqq288.com Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android anytime and anywhere you like.

At the middle of the game screen, you can get that there is slot machine made by the small stones. Those stones have five columns like the reel with three cards. At this game, there are many cards used. Those are like the transparent card and the background card. The transparent one is the number and letter cards. The card is a card that usually used for playing poker game. Those are the cards with letters J, Q, K, A and number 10. Besides those cards, you can find that there are the other cards like silver, the wolf footprint, the liar wolf picture, doctor Blackwood as the main character and the others. There are a full moon and stone in this game.

The bonus features at this full moon fortunes game

The cards besides number and letter, there are the other cards that have the high value. Almost from them have the bonus cards. The bonus cards that are in this game are:

The full moon card

This card gives the reward in 2x until 5x from the reward you should get. But, to get the multiplier bonus card, you must get the full moon picture at the reel 5.

The gravestone

The gravestone that is mentioned before is a special card that brings the bonus feature like the free spin. It means that if you get the gravestone with the certain rule, you will get the spin without paying the betting. If you can get three gravestones, you will get one free spin with the multiplied by one time. Then, if you can get 4 gravestones card, you will get two free spins with two free spins. If you get five gravestones, you will get three free spins with three multiplied by the result of the spin you get.

Before you start the free spin, you should play the game at Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website first. This game has the background with the grave. You should choose one of the graves you want to. Every grave has the adding spins and high reward. After you do the spin, you can get the additional reward when you can the picture from Dr. Blackwood. The rewards that you will get when finding Dr. Blackwood is the betting total will be multiplied by 25.

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