Strong Technique about Live Dragon Tiger Bets

Strong Technique about Live Dragon Tiger Bets

Game Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular ploy in Southeast Asia. Estimated to be born in Cambodia, the game is now available on several leading casinos in Asia. Along with the development of technology, Dragon Tiger game can now be played anywhere via an online casino service that we can access via the Internet. Some online casinos even provide some strong technique about live dragon tiger bets and this game to be accessible via mobile devices.

Strong Technique about Live Dragon Tiger Bets

Ease of access is much better to play Dragon Tiger makes this game become a mainstay of several players. This game is indeed one of the easiest games in the Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website casino that offers free bets to all new players. You do not even need to count cards and only use two cards in eight poker card deck. In other words, the novice players can also earn a profit that more than the experienced players though.

The presence of the game Dragon Tiger in live versions provide a new and different experience for players. You will be guided by a dealer that is not less competent in organizing the game. Without preparation, you will be difficult to win despite having been assisted by a dealer though. You have to master the techniques of strong to win the bet Dragon Tiger as summarized below.

Strong Technique about Live Dragon Tiger Bets

Strong Technique about Live Dragon Tiger Bets

Start by choosing a professional online casino

Your skills in playing Dragon Tiger will be useless if you do not use the online casinos that professional in providing game. Moreover, you will be playing a live version of the game which of course requires stability access. Do not let your bets stopped due to server problems or systems that are experiencing down. You have to learn the online casino where you play and find out how their quality in providing game.

Additionally, you should look for Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site that offer the best benefits for each user. The best option of course the casino that provides a variety of additional bonuses that can be utilized to increase the players bankroll. Do not forget to ensure ease in disbursement of the bonus. Bankroll more surely will allow you to get ready to follow the betting and profitable in the long term.

Avoid Tie

Avoid betting on Tie. Like the game of Baccarat, the result of the game Dragon Tiger Tie also uncommon. Instead, calculations show that Tie has a house edge higher as compared with the results of Tie at Baccarat game. Plus, you will not get an extra bonus or side bets that use the results of Tie. However, you may consider to bet on a Tie if the payout is offered 10:1 or more.

Suited Tie is much more promising

Compared to bet on a Tie, you should bet on a Tie suited. Suited Tie means that the Player and Banker get a card and the same color. Payout given on this bet reached 50:1 with a house edge of 13.98%. Maybe you’ll find the right moment to get the biggest profit from betting Suited Tie.

Dragon and Tiger is the best

You should make a bet Dragon or Tiger as the main bet. There is no difference between these two options. You just need to consistently bet on one selection, whether it Dragon or Tiger. If one party has won in a row, you can change the bets on other cards to minimize the risk of loss that may occur.

House edge for the bets Dragon or Tiger is 3.73%. The risk of defeat would also decrease if the final result of the game is a Tie. That’s because you only lose 50% of bets placed. You can also use the side bets like Big / Small who has a payout equal to the Dragon or Tiger. In addition, the payout bets Suit with 3:1 could also be an alternative if you want to get a payout more. What are you waiting for? play this now at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia on PC or mobile phones and get the biggest rewards.

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